CRM Task Management

Create & Manage Tasks

Set Reminders and Alerts

Estimate Task Durations

Record Time Spent

Sync Tasks with Office 365 & Google Calendars

Manage Tasks With Ease

Whether its a Meeting, Call, Sales Lead, Event or a general reminder, our CRM Task Management module does the work for you.

  • Easily Create Tasks
  • Assign To Individuals or Teams
  • Email Task Reminders
  • Set Priorities and Status
  • Set Tasks against Accounts and Contact
  • Set Tasks against Events, Products and Assets

Create tasks easily and allocate them against your Accounts, Contacts, users or Teams, even against Events, Leads and Opportunities! With Email reminders and Alerts so you never miss a thing. Customise Task types with the fully customisable drop-down menu options. You can even flag Tasks as important or private.

Create A CRM Task

Tasks are created in your Flibble CRM Calendar which also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 Calendar and Google G-Suite Calendar. This allows you to view, edit and add Tasks and reminders from any device, with full synchronisation in-between.

Tasks can be created against an Account or Contact and then assigned to any CRM user or Team. The user or team receives a notification email to let them know that they have been assigned a Task. If reminders are set, they will also receive email reminders before and on the due date.

It's worth a mention here; you can also create Tasks against Sales Leads, Opportunities, Events, Campaigns and more. Follow-up Tasks on-the-fly, how good is that?!

Manage Existing CRM Tasks

You can manage your own tasks, add progress, write notes, upload documents and files or transfer the task to another user or Team. If you desire Flibble CRM Tasks also includes a nifty time logger so you can record the time spent against each Task.