CRM Contacts Database

GDPR Compliant

Easy to Use

Unlimited Contacts

Simplified Data Entry

Import Office 365 and Google G-Suite Contacts

Telephone and Email Preference Service Ready

Contacts Database

Contacts are the people at the core of your CRM. They are the people that you do business with! Our Contact CRM is extremely simple and easy to use, so your salespeople can focus on selling ... not learning how to use the system.

  • Import From Office 365 and Google
  • Create New Contacts on-the-fly
  • Assign Tasks
  • Multiple Addresses, Phone Numbers and Email Addresses
  • Telephone Preference Service (TPS)
  • Email Preference Service (coming soon)
  • Add Social Tags
  • Fully Searchable
  • GDPR Ready

Import from Office 365 or Google G-Suite

Flibble CRM allows you to import your Contacts and Accounts from Office 365 or Google G-Suite. You can even create a custom CSV and import directly into the CRM. While you are on-boarding with us, we are more than happy to assist, even during your free trial.

Adding New Contacts Is Easy

Create Contacts on the fly; adding a Contact and Account on a single page to save you time! Some CRM's ask you to add an Account before you can add a Contact which is far too time consuming. You can use the Quick Add feature that allows you to create a new Contact without leaving your existing screen.

Detail Or Not To Detail

You can add as little or as much information about your Contacts. We appreciate that some businesses only want the basics while others require a little more. Either way we got it covered. Each Contact in Flibble CRM supports multiple addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. You can set "do not contact" markers for the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and Email Preference Service (EPS, coming soon). You can also add social media information and fully-searchable #hashtags.

Contact Views

With a choice of Contact views, users can set their own preference, or even toggle between list-view or business card view at the click of a button.

Start Selling Without Delay

Once your Contacts are in the CRM you can start creating Tasks, set follow-ups, upload files, generate Helpdesk Tickets and more.