CRM Asset Management

Manage Assets

Manage Service & EOL Dates

Charge Out Assets

Check Out Assets

Manage Your Assets

Whether the Asset belongs to you, or your customer, the Asset Management module allows you to maintain detailed information about any Asset. Cars, Vans, computers, mobile phones; you can fully customise your own Asset types and manage them all through a single intuitive interface.

  • Add or Import Assets
  • Set Ownership
  • Assign Internally or to Customers
  • Include Purchase Date and Costs
  • Set Warranty Expiry & Replacement Dates
  • Create Charge-Out Rates
  • Upload Photographs

Creating Assets

When adding new Assets in to Flibble CRM, you can include as much or as little information as you like. Start by assigning your Asset a name such as "Dell Latitude 5560", "iPhone 9s", or "Mercedes S Class" and then add the detail. If you prefer you can import a list of Assets from a CSV file. We are always here to help.

Managing Assets

Management of Assets has never been easier, right down to serial numbers, service dates, service types, end-of-life dates (EOL) or the Charge Rate that you sell it out at.

You can assign Assets to your users so you can see who has what at any time.

You can even create a Tasks and Helpdesk Job Tickets directly against any Asset.

As with any Flibble CRM module, extended Asset Management can be provided as a bespoke solution. Please contact us for further information.